The SCAVENGER fluid and cuttings separator enhances drilling fluid maintenance and performance, reduces fluid loss at the shaker, and eliminates the residual free liquid on discarded drill cuttings. As a result, ancillary costs for waste handling, such as crane picks, cuttings boxes, transportation, and disposal, are reduced or totally eliminated depending on geographical regulations.

As an added bonus, this totally unique process allows for the use of maximum screen sizes on flow-line shakers without the risks of flooding and excessive fluid retention on cuttings.

Main Hole

  • Suitcase Rig 4 Shaker
  • Shakers: MI Swaco Mongoose
  • Screens: 140 Api  on Scalping Shaker
  • Pump Rate: 1.7M3/Min
  • ROP: 60m/hr
  • Mud: Unweighted Drilling Fluid
  • Recovered: 72 Cubes in 3.5 days
  • G-Force: G-Meter readings show no effect on G-Force of Shaker from Application of Scavenger System.
Scavenger Off
Scavenger On

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